Ellen Month 11

One month until the big FIRST Birthday! And this time, I bribed her with her bug to get her picture….lucky to get this one good one before she had enough and rolled away.


Weight: 20 lbs. on our home scale
Height: N/A but probably still about 29 inches.


Macaroni and Cheese, waving, referring to everything as “Dada”, launching her sippy cup to the floor from her high chair, pulling up and standing.


Having her nose wiped, and diaper changes. Its like a good 5 minute wrestling match trying to change her these days.


{Sleeping} Still going up around 7:30 and in bed by 8. Sleeping until 6:30 or so. She will take 1 long nap around 10:30-11 that lasts about an hour and a half….and sometimes another long nap, or a few cat naps in the afternoon.

{Movement} Not only is she now Speedy Gonzalez on her hands and knees, but now she is pulling up and standing/walking around the sectional. Sitting still is not an option anymore, so we have to really keep an eye on her and baby proofing is in our VERY near future.

{Eating} Eating has been so much better. She is doing very well with small table foods, her favorites being soft pasta, any puff type snack, waffles, pancakes, and cheerios. I have tried soft peaches, strawberries, and mandarin oranges….but any food that is too soft, slimy, or hard to pick up, she doesn’t want any part of…..or she gags. So, we are still giving her pureed fruits and veggies a lot of the time to make sure she’s getting enough food, and keep trying with the small pieces.

She is drinking 4 bottles a day, 6oz a piece. And just this weekend, we have started adding just a bit of whole milk into her bottles to see how she handles the transition. So far so good!

{Teething} No new teeth. Could be any time now that we see her upper molars and two more on the bottom.

{Talking} Saying “D”, “B”, “R”, and “S” sounds. She gets an “M” in there ever so often, but more so by accident. I think I will be “Dada” for awhile.

Ellen is moving up to the next classroom at school this week, so I expect to see a lot of changes coming, now that she has the “big” kids to look up to!