Ellen Month 10

We’ve hit the double digits! This is the best picture I could get, after two days of trying and having a baby that does NOT like to lay still. I used any and all types of bribery to get her to hold still for one second.

Ellen 10 Months


Weight: 18.2 lbs. give or take……this was taken with our home scale
Height: N/A but probably still about 29 inches.


Eating food and snacks, clapping, sitting at her high chair, chewing on her sippy cup, any kind of remote control, chewing on the side of restaurant tables (ICK!), and her Patsy.


Sitting still and having her nose wiped, getting changed after a bath, being hungry….she goes BONKERS.


{Sleeping} Getting a full 12 hours at night and 2 naps during the day. Nap time is always a toss up, as to when she gets tired, but normally around 11:00 and 3:30

{Movement} We’ve got a crawler! I am amazed at how much she has changed in a month. Crawling forward and backward, and she loves going into downward dog on her hands and feet.

{Eating} Oh the eating. This has officially become the most stressful month when it comes to eating. E has always had problems being congested and throwing up her bottles. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to whip out the Nose Frieda before feeding her, only for her to vomit up her entire bottle. Throw a stomach bug, a very sensitive gag reflex, and some new and exciting table foods in there, and we are in an entirely different ball game.

So after 3 weeks of worrying, changing our eating schedule, and lots and lots of laundry, we are back on track and eating like a champ. Introducing new finger foods every day and doing really well! We’ve scaled back her bottles to about 20-24 oz. a day and are hoping to start working in some whole milk into her bottles in the next few weeks.

{Teething} Drooling more and more and gnawing on everything. But still no new teeth.

{Talking} I think we have officially mastered the sounds “D” and “DADA”.

Ellen 10 Months