Getting so BIG! In a month & a half, our little baby won’t be a baby anymore….but a TODDLER! Where has the time gone?!

9 and 10 Month Favorites

1. Bright Starts Clack & Slide Activity Ball – A lot of different activities and sounds in one toy and super cute!

2. Disney’s Frozen – Go ahead. Judge away. We watch movies a lot. Frozen is Ellen’s FAVORITE movie…..I swear those people over at Disney have it figured out. Anytime we need to clip her nails or just need a moment to collect ourselves, we just pop in Sven, Olaf, and the gang, and she is hooked! Despicable Me is in a close 2nd.

3. Munchkin Click Lock Sippy– After trying a few kinds, these are our favorite sippy cups so far. Easy to hold, no leaks, and simple to take apart and clean. We started Ellen on her sippy at 6 months and she has just about mastered it 4 months later! Hoping to be completely off bottles in the next couple of months.

4. Baby Banana Training Toothbrush – Because Ellen got so many teeth so soon, we thought we’d try out this fun teething toothbrush to get her ready for the real deal. It’s super bendy and soft and easy on the gums.

5. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes– Great for the car when traveling on long trips! Plays multiple classical tunes including Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini and even has volume control. It also lights up in time with the music!

6. Aveeno Baby Lotion– Between trying to crawl and having bare legs all summer, Ellen’s legs have taken a beating. I love this stuff, because it keeps her legs super soft and smells great.

7. Infantino Lil’ Fluff Cart & Highchair Cover – There is nothing like going to a restaurant or store and seeing other kids’ dried food/slobber/who KNOWS what all over the highchair and shopping cart. This is great to throw in the trunk of the car and take out whenever we are out and about, and totally beats carrying 1,000 sanitizing wipes with us everywhere we go.

8. Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse – Or as Drew likes to call it…her worm. Basically like a glow worm (which I’m sure everyone has had one at one point or another). This is our go-to for nap time, whenever she needs a little help calming down and something to help “soothe” her to sleep.

9. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks  – Our new favorite game…..We stack them up and Ellen crawls across the room to knock them over. Or she just chews on the bucket. Either/or.

10. Fruit/Veggie Pouches – We have tried many many different brands and they are all super easy on the go and a great way to get in daily fruits and veggies. I’ve even considered buying some for ME! Ellen has mastered eating right from the pouch, which I think will help later down the road when trying to drink from a straw sippy and other types of cups.