3rd Trimester in Review
Being that it is getting closer to the big day, I figured I might as well go ahead and share my 3rd Trimester personal must-haves and things that just made things a bit easier during the last (OMG!) trimester.

1. Tums – Definitely a lifesaver when it comes to any type of acid reflux/heartburn. I never really get it at any certain time or after I eat a certain food….It just decides to come and go. Nothing major.
2. Granola and Yogurt – My weekly breakfast of choice! So good for you, light, filling, and packed with extra nutrients and PROTEIN for little girl!
3. Baby Buzz App – Pretty much exactly the same as the Pregnancy Buzz app, but for growing babies. Real moms, with real questions, and real answers from women who have been there and done that!
4. Fans – Luckily this summer in Atlanta has been a cool one! Rarely getting above 90, and having a lot of rain has definitely kept the temperatures cooler. On those hot, humid nights, fans can be a huge help with getting cooled off and gives your A/C a break!
5. Maxi dresses – I have never owned a maxi dress until I got pregnant. My FAVORITE thing to wear! So comfortable and nothing is squeezing or poking you.
6. Comfortable shoes/sandals – Depending on if you are pregnant in the summer or winter, having a comfortable pair of shoes in the third trimester is a MUST! My mom had these Tevas with really squishy soles that she let me borrow and have been great for my swollen feet!
7. Berries – Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, and Raspberries have been a go-to snack! A lot of the time I’ll put them in my granola and yogurt in the mornings! Yummo!
8. Moms on Call – I have not ready many any books and have been randomly reading online articles and blogs to become familiar with different things as my pregnancy has come along. Drew and I received this book from one of his co-workers at a shower and I absolutely LOVE it! It is written by two moms in the Atlanta area, each with 3-4 kids, and it basically goes through from birth to toddler stage and lists everything you needs to know from sleeping schedules, feeding schedules, safety, naptime, etc. No big words or scary scenarios. Really basic and really informative. It also came with a lovely swaddling blanket for baby!
9. Sports bras – Once my belly started to get REALLY big (about week 30), my underwire bras became SO uncomfortable. The wires would just sit and dig in right on top of my belly, mainly while I was sitting at work. As most of you know, my boobs definitely need that support, so I decided to switch over to sports bras. It still gives them support without that awful underwire. I guess I’ll just be sporting a uni-boob from now until I go back to work!
10. Chocolate Chip Pancakes – I’ve made these NUMEROUS times on the weekend! What is a better solution for someone with a sweet tooth and a craving for pancakes! Put some chocolate on it! (or in it!)