Ellen 9 Months

Weight: 17.10 lbs. Lost a bit of weight after a nasty virus this past week, which included lots of throwing up and loss of appetite.
Height: 29 inches….officially half my height!


Eating food and snacks, clapping, patty cake, sitting at her high chair, kicking her feet, chewing on her sippy cup, one two squeeze blocks, and her Patsy (paci).


Sitting still and having her nose wiped, getting changed after a bath.


{Sleeping} Still right on track (not counting the week of the virus). 7:30-7 and taking a nice long 1.5-2 hour nap in the morning and an occasional 45 min-1 hr nap in the afternoon.

{Movement} Loving tummy time. She can now push herself backward and can get to her knees, but just doesn’t know how to make it all work just yet. Just the other day, she managed to push herself backward from her tummy to sitting! Hasn’t really done anything since.

{Eating} Drinking about 27 oz. a day and eating pureed fruits and veggies and snacks. We give her a bit of our table food here and there, which she has had no issues with, and we are getting braver with different flavors, spices, and textures!

{Teething} Two more teeth on either side of her top teeth (which suddenly appeared overnight)! And still loves to grind them together! ICK. Drives me nuts.

{Talking} Still a lot of “gaga” and babbling. We’ve got the “D” and the “G” sounds DOWN. And sometimes a little bit of a lispy “S”.