Another 2 months older! And as you can see below, a lot of our favorites these past 2 months have to do with FOOD!

7 & 8 Month Favorites

1. IKEA Blames High Chair – This high chair has really been great for us! I was a little skeptical at first, but it is easy to clean, has a nice large tray, and isn’t too bad on the eyes either.

2. Food Processor – We decided once Ellen started solids that we would make her own food. It’s so simple and if you have an hour or two to set aside, you can get so much made and not to mention the cost difference. We have this particular 7-cup Cuisinart and we absolutely love it! Just cut/peel, steam, and puree!

3. Ice Cube Trays– Once her food is pureed, we use ice cube trays to freeze her food. Each cube is about 1oz, so it is particularly useful when measuring out how much she is eating each day. It also lets us experiment with different pairings of veggies/fruits.

4. Dr Suess Mini Hard Books – These are great for reading at night. She can touch, feel, and grab without worrying about torn/wet pages. And they are baby sized!

5. Mum Mums– This was one of the first hard solid crunchy foods that Ellen tried. They have that initial hard feeling in her mouth and then disintegrate within seconds.

6. Costco Kirkland Brand Baby Wipes– These are so so great for anything and everything you can think of. Diaper changes, dirty faces, slimy fingers, runny noses. They have no scent and are on the less expensive end of most wipe brands.

7. Gerber Puffs – Like Mum Mums, these have the same initial crunchy feeling, and then disintegrate after a few seconds. They are almost the size of cheerios, when comparing size. We just pour a few on her tray and she gobbles them up like candy!

8. Bath tub squirties – Now that Ellen is sitting up on her own, bath time is a whole different experience. She loves chewing these little garden squirties in the tube, as well as some other rubber duckies we have for her.

9. One Two Squeeze Blocks – These blocks are so good for babies learning to grab and who are still chewing everything in sight. They are also good to grow up with, as each has a number and corresponding number of animals. They are made of a soft rubber-type material, so they are easy on the gums. And such cute colors!

10. Sleep Sack – Now that we are a little roly poly in bed and aren’t being swaddled anymore, this has been a lifesaver…..acting as somewhat of a wearable blanket. There are no worries of a blanket coming off or covering her face, and there is still plenty of room at the bottom for kicking her feet around.