37 Weeks
How far along? 37 Weeks – FULL TERM!
Total weight gain/loss: +23.4
Symptoms? Lower back aches, clumsiness (yes, I will just randomly walk into a door frame and miss the opening completely), some cramping, and GAS! (attractive, I know!)
Sleep: sleeping pretty great actually!
Best moment this week: Watching DCI Finals with some great friends! We had a TON of laughs and lots of eating and drinking (sprite for me!)
Miss Anything? All of the fall stuff coming out and the announcements of all the Oktoberfest beers has me VERY excited about having a nice refreshing beverage very soon!
Movement: Still moving, but getting slower! I’m guessing there is not much room in there anymore and she just has enough room to adjust. But I can definitely feel those fingers and toes!
Food cravings: Hungry all of the time AND I’m able to eat more for some reason. Craving anything cheesy and salty, and of course, sweets!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Labor Signs: Cramping here and there and LIGHTNING CROTCH! Ouch! I can definitely tell baby is sitting very low with her head settling into position, ready for GO TIME!
Belly Button in or out? Flat! I don’t think there is even enough extra skin for anything to POP out.
Wedding rings on or off? Off. Not taking any chances!
Mood: Anxious and excited! Ready to meet our daughter in person and see what she looks like! Whose nose does she have? Whose mouth? What’s her personality like?
Weekly Wisdom: Read mom blogs! At the beginning, I had planned on going out and buying all of these books on raising children, breastfeeding, etc. But through the months, I’ve been reading all of these different blogs by real moms and they are just so great to get all the differing opinions on certain things. They are easy to read, funny, and smart! No big vocabulary and you get a close look into REAL situations that happen every day……..
Looking forward to: 37 week appointment tomorrow AND our baby shower this weekend! Because the summer has been so hectic with people getting married, teaching, marching, etc, we decided to push back having our shower until after the summer “season” was over. Our friends Annie, Kathryn, and Becky are putting everything together and we could not be more thankful for such AWESOME friends. It will also be a great time for everyone to see each other before all of our schedules get crazy again during fall.